Thursday, September 19, 2013

Team Mingo Once Again In the News

No need to write a long drawn out story or commentary on this.  Kate White of the Charleston Gazette tells the story admirably.

Read it and ponder the question why.  Why do some constituencies continually return not just corruption, but incompetent and malevolent corruption?  They don't get financial benefits.  They don't get superior services.  They certainly don't get good government or qualified law enforcement.  At least the "boss" style mayors like Richard Daley in Chicago could deliver some kind of success.

Mingo County gets to live with the mortification that one of its elected officials will be sentenced for extorting probably less than $100 worth of tire discounts from a local business.

It is a train wreck.  Even worse than the ill fated "City of Jefferson" in Kanawha County that was governed for the strip clubs, by the strip clubs, and of the strip clubs.  Whether or not you approve of strip clubs, few would argue that they are good administrators of government.

Mingo County is populated by good people who work hard, who have faith in God, and want better for themselves and their children.  They've certainly had more than their share of problems.  While they do deserve better, reality starkly says (to paraphrase Stephen King) that what you vote for is what you own and what you own always comes home to you.

The bottom row on the slate features names under investigation, under arrest, or assassinated.

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