Monday, August 5, 2013

The Power of Old, New, and Social Media to Right a Wrong

Jake Tapper, once of ABC, now with his own show on CNN, tweeted at about 9 PM last night at TMobile's corporate Twitter.  Apparently, they had been billing a KIA's widow for three years for an old phone that was not in her name.

She sent death certificates and pleas to stop sending her husband the bill to no avail.

So Jake Tapper called TMobile out on it.  He asked

what does she have to do for you to stop sending her dead KIA soldier ex-husband these bills???

This morning the CEO of TMobile, John Legere sent several responses apologizing and thanking Tapper for bringing the story to light.

He also tweeted:

don't thank me. It's a sickening shame it happened . I am deeply sorry and have already handled it. Thank you for speaking out.

This is exactly how we want our companies to respond when something is clearly wrong.  Take responsibility, apologize, fix it.

Great job to Tapper and Legere.

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