Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Night That the Lights Went Out In Mingo

It seemingly never ends.   The tales of Mingo County corruption grow more absurd with each passing generation.

This morning, Mingo County Commissioner David Blaisden was indicted and arrested on federal charges.  (Indictment)

What did he do?  The Mingo County Commission had a contract to purchase tires from a local shop at a discounted rate.  Blaisdell allegedly (and one uses that word loosely since he allegedly left a voice mail that was allegedly kept by the alleged victim) threatened to cut off the contract if he refused to sell discounted tires for Blaisdell's personal vehicle.

That was a prime example of ridiculous penny ante corruption mixed with an unhealthy dose of hubris.

Even worse was the indictment that followed against Circuit Judge Michael Thornsbury on unrelated charges.

Judge Thornsbury (Indictment)  tried to convince the local Homeland Security officer  to plant drugs in the truck of a local man identified only as RW (if on Twitter, check out #StandWithRW)  RW happened to be the husband of Thornsbury's secretary.  By now it's easy to guess that the judge and his secretary were having a affair.

When the drug planting scheme failed, Thornsbury tried to pack a grand jury to indict RW on grand larceny.  RW was to be accused of grand larceny in the case of scrap drill bits, which a company had allowed him to salvage for free.

Needless to say, they are all Democrats.

Update:  According to Hoppy Kercheval, a West Virginia State Trooper was involved in attempts to harass the unfortunate RW.

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