Monday, June 17, 2013

The Egg Bill is Rotten

The radical Humane Society of the United States has teamed up with major egg producers to pass a bill guaranteed to regulate out of existence the small scale farmers who produce and sell eggs. 

The measure is currently part of the much larger and controversial Farm Bill which will direct federal agriculture policy in the United States.  Strict cage standards for egg laying chickens form the main part of the proposal.

Included in this bill is everything from subsidies to food stamps.  With revenue crunches hitting the entire budget, everything in this expensive bill has been up for debate.

So far, most congressmen and agriculture experts see the egg bill as setting dire precedents.  According to an agriculture news site the Capital Press, pork, beef, and other livestock producers fear the egg bill as a trojan horse for more extensive federal interfering regulations for livestock.  Other animal rights groups against all cages for chickens consider the egg bill to be a sell out to big business.

European farmers saw increasing bureaucratic burdens that resulted in a tripling of the price of eggs, according to the Irish Examiner  .  Instead of complying with the onerous regulations, small family farms either went completely out of the egg business or entered the "under the table" trade.

This is why Big Agriculture has teamed with radical animist groups on this measure.  Big Ag does not want the competition so it uses the power of government to coerce small farmers from the field.  It has done so before with EPA and FDA measures.  This attempt to impose more costs is only their latest move.

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