Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Strutting Our Stuff: West Virginia Needs to Show Off More Often

Our West Virginia congressional delegation and their staffs showed Washington DC that they know how to throw a party.  Last night, the Hart Senate Office Building hosted "Taste of West Virginia Day" to honor 150 years of state existence.

The celebration was kicked off by brief talks from the state's delegation.  Unfortunately, the House of Representatives had scheduled an important vote at the same time, so Representatives Capito, McKinley, and Rahall could not address the assembled crowd as they normally would. 

The pride expressed by each speaker was obvious and genuine.  Politics and agreement on issues aside, there is no doubt that our delegation loves and takes full pride in their state, native or adopted.

Food and spirits attracted a wide variety of people who quickly packed the room.  High ranking military officers in full dress uniform mingled with congressional staffers from all states, representatives of West Virginia businesses, and some local elected officials from nearby counties.

Highlights of West Virginia cuisine included excellent cupcakes from Keyser's own Candlewyck Inn, perfectly prepared angus roast beef from Burlington's Flying W, excellent beer from two Canaan Valley area breweries, and delicious candies from the Greenbrier among many other vendors. 

West Virginians have every reason to take pride in our history and accomplishments as a state.  And we should take our show on the road more often!

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