Wednesday, April 11, 2012

One Heck Of A Ride

Rick Santorum gave it a heck of a go. And as of yesterday, it went.

Few gave Santorum a shot, mainly because he lost his US Senate seat by double-digit numbers. Then came one of the most remarkable primary campaigns in history, more reminiscent of Agatha Christe's And Then There Were None . . . than an election. You had Romney and the anti-Romneys. Fortunately for the now certain nominee, the anti-Romneys one by one made us forget why we didn't like Romney in the first place.

Santorum had tremendous energy, an amazing amount of fight, and a strong fixation on principles. Unfortunately for Santorum, he forgot what this election was about. He found himself led into talking about contraception, pornography, and many other issues that are not at the core of this cycle's concerns.

Americans want to hear how they will be getting back to work, paying less for gas, and how we will pay off the debt without taxing the population to poverty. Porn? Not so big of an issue this year.

Only Newt Gingrich's diversion into discussing moon bases served as a better example of why it is bad to get off focus. (And I happen to think that private moon bases are a good idea.)

Although (and Santorum supporters, please don't shoot me) I grew less and less enamored over Santorum as a candidate, I respected him more and more as an individual. He will make an outstanding leader of some socially conservative organization, a great advocate for traditional values. And that will be his forte more so than being president because it is obviously his passion.

Those who worked for him should look back at their efforts with pride. Who would have foreseen this improbable run a year ago?

Now it is time to get behind the nominee and get the Incompetent One out of the White House

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