Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hydrofracturing and the Environmental Protection Agency

Don't get too excited because you never know what might happen.

A week ago, Lisa Jackson, Obama's field marshal in the War on Coal, delivered a stunning message that should make every jaw drop in the continuing struggle over Marcellus Shale drilling and hydrofracturing.

“I think that fracking as a technology is perfectly capable of being clean. I do."

Now you do have to read between the lines; "perfectly capable" leaves Jackson a lot of wiggle room if the Left rears its ugly head and pressures her fearless leader. It does, however, throw a bone towards Pennsylvania, who now relies heavily on revenues from shale gas.

However, it is an encouraging sign that the EPA will not attack gas in the same fashion as coal or oil. At least until they get taken to the woodshed by environmentalists.

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