Wednesday, April 4, 2012

B*******t Article I Have Ever Seen: Hats Off to Samantha Brick

You may or may not agree that she is stunning. She is definitely much prettier than average.

And apparently the world now hates her.

The Daily Mail (Great Britain, not Charleston) posted a story the other day written by Samantha Brick. In the story, she candidly discussed her social problems related to being considered attractive at her age.

Of course such a display of honesty has inspired thousands of angry, hateful, and indignant responses from anonymous readers.

Really, how dare a pretty woman say that she is gorgeous and that it causes her female friends to hide their husbands. She may have too high of an opinion of herself, or maybe not. In any case, people definitely have a perception that she is very attractive or she wouldn't have written the piece.

Fact is that this is one of the ballsiest op-eds I have ever read, pardon the expression. It is inevitable that this will attract hatred. Frankly, it seems that people care more about her sassy blonde mug than the fact that the British are about to impose a sophisticated digital spy program on the public.

Sure, Big Brother is on his way, Great Britain, but let's complain about the uppity cute chick.

This was not written tongue in cheek either. It's not often that you see someone personally put themselves out there to be smacked around by their reading public.

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