Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Obamacare May Be Gutted

The above link is one of many that I could have provided. Obamacare is before the United States Supreme Court and time may indicate that it was dead before it even arrived.

The government's case actually relies upon a vast extension of the Commerce Clause. It states that those who do not have health insurance depress the market for health insurance, so that the government must protect the market by forcing purchases.

This would be like the government telling us that we had to buy a new General Motors vehicle because the company was in financial trouble. It is ludicrously socialist, and also places the arguments for it well beyond the scope of what Romney did in Massachusetts.

Most worried about Justice Kennedy's vote, but most of his questions thus far seem to reflect a growing concern about the federal government's power over Americans. A few of his questions sound more like Mark Steyn or Mark Levine than Justice Kennedy. Chief Justice Roberts' queries made his stance difficult to discern, but he usually remains in the conservative camp.

In other words, it is likely that the individual mandate will go down. How much of the law will remain intact is a different story. Hopefully, Congress can get together and create a much more coherent and freedom based law in the aftermath of this possible stinging defeat for Obama.

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