Monday, March 12, 2012

Energy the Driving Force Behind Areas With Recovering Housing Markets released its 25 most promising urban markets for house purchases and sales. These energetic markets relied upon just that.

(A list of the markets: )

Three of the listed markets, #3 Charleston, #8 Huntington, and #9 Wheeling, are in close proximity to centers of West Virginia's fast expanding natural gas industry. Other listed cities, such as Oklahoma City, Minot, North Dakota, Lake Charles, Louisiana lay near centers of oil drilling and production.

Interestingly enough Morgantown, West Virginia, known for low unemployment due to its major university and pharmaceutical company did not make the list.

Energy production promises to be the major force behind America's return to prosperity if it is allowed to happen. Major natural gas deposits trapped deep beneath shale layers in the earth's crust in Appalachia and Texas rival some of the larger oil pools in the Middle East. Large reserves of oil in the Midwest added to the gas make the United States potentially the largest producer of energy in the world in the 21st century. If Americans threw open the energy throttle, the lower costs would benefit U. S. manufacturing while also driving OPEC into distress.

These housing market indicators show how much positive impact even a limited increase in production can create.

The only thing standing between us and our prosperous future is overblown fears of the drilling process and Obamaite Leftists who genuinely fear American predominance in anything.

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