Monday, January 9, 2012

Self-Immolation: The Republican Party's Favorite Pasttime

No political party seems to revel in its own cutting self-criticism than the Grand Old Party. We bash our past, present, and future with a complete lack of proportion or sense. We bash all of the candidates, save the one we support, if any. We bash fellow Republicans whose candidate or views may differ infinitesimally from ours relative to the Leftists now running things. We chase after the vision of people and places long past, while downplaying the fact that we have a powerful and successful blueprint for the future. We have put on the ludicrous spectacle of chasing after every possible candidate not named Mitt Romney, subjecting them to tests of ideological purity that only a professor in an iron bubble could pass.

"Oh goodness, candidate x once said something nice about Harry Truman. Damned RINO. Curse him/her and all of the supporters!" No matter that he/she wants every non felon armed, every abortionist jailed, and taxes lowered to a flat and reasonable rate. He is not pure!!!!"

Yes that is an exaggeration, but these people do walk among us.

It is time to settle down. In a month, two tops, the picture will look more clear. We will rallly behind the nominee and crush Obama in the fall.

In the meantime, try to not come up with anything that will make the eventual nominee's job that much more difficult.

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