Thursday, January 26, 2012

Could Start a Run of Bad Luck For the EPA

The above story discusses how the Environmental Protection Agency faced tough questions from the U.S. Supreme Court over their mistreatment of homeowners seeking to fill a mud puddle on their property. It could lead to stricter boundaries on the EPA's purview while opening up the agency to a flood of litigation. Currently, the agency maintains that they cannot be sued and may only answer in a court of law if they choose to file suit. With this challenge to the authority of the courts, it is probably not surprising that eight of the nine justices had tough questions for the EPA's lawyers.

Coal and timber operators should take note. The rule of Queen Jackson of the EPA may be threatened


Love the headline on Don Surber's Daily Mail blog

"West Virginia Gives Tax Break to Crackers"

Being a long time reader of Mr. Surber's, I would not doubt that his sense of humor is behind letting this one slip out. After all, it should garner a lot of attention and hits across the country from the 99.9999995% of people who do not know that a cracker is a natural gas processing facility.

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