Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bad Sports

Remember the movie Hoosiers? It was based upon the magical season of a small Indiana high school who played their way into winning a state basketball title. Through parts of the season, the coach only had six usable players. At one point, he refused to put a player back on the floor and finished the game with four.

The Poca Dots, known throughout the country for creative naming, just ended their girls' basketball season before it began. They started the season with nine girls. After injuries and defections, they ended up with six. Since the WVSSAC mandates that teams have ten players, the Putnam County Board of Education ended their season.

Why? The six remaining players wanted to compete. The coaches still wanted to coach. They could have made magic on the banks of the Kanawha. Instead, a bunch of old folks decided, for no particular reason, that a basketball team could not consist of six determined young women.

Shame on you, government. Why did you ruin their season?

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