Thursday, November 17, 2011

University of Charleston: Ahead of the Curve

The University of Charleston, yes, our Charleston, is getting ahead of the curve on changes that are coming to higher education.

It announced this month that tuition will drop 22% over the next few years.

High education costs, pushed by the student loan balloon, have soared. Students and institutions of higher learning alike rode the "free money" train for many years. Humanities departments rejoiced and hired hand over fist, granting tenure to many. Inevitably, student loan procedures will change. They will have to be more geared toward students who plan to do something productive with their degrees, something that will eventually be able to repay the loans.

Colleges and universities will have to do their part and lower their tuition and fees. Raises in these were only possible on a large scale because of the student aid programs.

The University of Charleston is adapting to the landscape before the changes come, trying to remain competitive for great students while dealing with the realities of the next several years.

Bravo, U. C. You are likely a model for the rest of the country.

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