Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Real World Dawns

It's a cold, cruel world because it's real.

We have a set field. Palin and Christie declined. Unless Rudy Giuliani unexpectedly steps in, we have a set field for the Republican primaries.

And no one is happy.

We do have a great field. A businessman with experience at the Fed, two former governors who enjoyed success in their own ways, the intellectual, and the others.

However, we're grumbling because we did not find Supercandidate. The person who combines perfect ideology with a perfect and extensive record.

Perry can't debate and is weak on immigration. Cain apparently backed TARP at the time (so did a lot of scared folks who have since regained their senses), Gingrich had that weird global warming moment. And Romney is health care challenged.

The candidate so many want does not exist and never did. Even Reagan raised taxes in California.

We don't need The (Republican) One. We need the best person available. And we need a winner.


Kudos to Bill Maloney. What a long, hard fight only to lose by a handful of percentage points. He really shocked anyone who was paying attention. However, it is more proof that shifts in demographics and the national Democratic Party are seriously eroding that party's hegemony in West Virginia

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