Monday, July 25, 2011

Why the F 35?

The next generation F-35 fighter jet's path to production continues along its winding path.

Not only will American pilots be able to utilize next generation technology, but this plane will be available for export to allied countries as well, helping the program to pay for itself.

Now matter how finely constructed our current fleet of planes is, they still experience wear and tear. Like your car, each machine has a lifespan, regardless of how well maintained it is. As the Chinese upgrade their air force, we need to consider that, unlikely as it may seem now, they could be a future opponent in war. We must remain prepared.

Even Thomas Buffenbarger, a contributor to the liberal Huffington Post urges that production no longer be put off. In a recent article, he maintained that this new advance will keep our pilots safer, maintain U. S. predominance in weaponry, and sustain commitments to our most vital allies.

The United States will have to, inevitably, place more defense and war responsibilities into the hands of Europe and other reliable friends. They will have to shoulder their own burden. As we make this transition, we should continue to be the provider of the best weaponry in the world.

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