Sunday, July 17, 2011

Obama As King Ahab

Obama seems bound and determined to take something from the American people to pay for his programs. He will either tax it out of us now or later. Sure he says that the Republicans must "eat our peas," whatever that means. And he blames Eric Cantor in his hissy fits. But he has his costly Obamacare program that is sucking up money like a vacuum and now he needs more, more, more!

How do we like it? Not much, even though he claims that the people love his idea to tax small businesses to death. He and the Democrats also want to seize inheritances through taxation. Again, this will affect small businesses.

Obama's behavior is reminiscent of an old Bible story. Sunday is a fitting time to tell it, so here goes.

Ahab was king of Israel during the two kingdom period. This was the time for a few centuries after the death of Solomon when there was a kingdom of Israel and a kingdom of Judah. According to the Bible, this period was a particularly unholy time when oftentimes people only did what was right in their own eyes and even kings strayed from God. One such king was Ahab.

Ahab had tremendous power and wealth, but being an evil king, he always wanted more. In his kingdom, as told in I Kings 21, there lived a godly man named Naboth. Naboth owned a very productive vineyard that Ahab coveted. Ahab requested the vineyard of Naboth, offering a variety of other things in its place. This is much like Obama offering us his socialist policies if we agree to turn over our wealth.

Naboth refused, saying that the LORD forbade him to relinquish his inheritance to anyone. Ahab, like Obama, threw a hissy fit and went to bed. He refused to eat his dinner or speak to his wife, Jezebel. Jezebel scolded him, telling him that he was the king and that he would have his vineyard.

Jezebel riled up people against Naboth, saying that it was he who was ungodly. A faction of angry people found Naboth and killed him, allowing Ahab to finally get his vineyard. Needless to say, this incurred God's wrath.

In this story, we see the arrogaance of the leader who thinks he is entitled. He is willing to set part of the people against thhe other to get what he wants. The Bible tells us that Ahab is wicked and evil in his coveting of this property. Obama should consider this story.

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