Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Disgraceful Show In Pasadena

My wife is the soccer fan in this family. Until recently, I thought Tim Howard was a car dealer in Morgantown, not the U. S. national team goalie.

However, he summed up the frustrations of many A mericans a few days ago. His team collapsed in the championship game of the Gold Cup against Mexico. But that isn't what would anger most Americans. Howard said that the postgame ceremony, which was conducted in Spanish, was an absolute disgrace. He's right.

The United States was the host country. Americans speak English. This was meant to be yet another slap in the face of the big bad Yankees by international soccer. If the post game announcer could not speak English, get someone who can speak it. Translations are not good enough.

This would have happened nowhere else, and Howard made that point. More Americans need to stand up for the fact that we are an English speaking nation, not Spanish or anything else. English.

Yes the U. S. team's collapse in that final was embarassing, but not nearly as disgraceful as the wanton disrespect shown to the host country by international soccer.

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