Monday, May 23, 2011

Randy Moss Gives Back

Fame is fleeting, even for NFL superstars. You only get one chance to make a good first impression. Randy Moss made several bad impressions even before he started his professional career and these have tarnished his image ever since.

Moss beat down a high school student the spring before he graduated from high school, went to jail, and lost his chance to play for the legendary Lou Holtz at Notre Dame. Other issues lost him a scholarship to play for Bobby Bowden at Florida State. Choice number three, Don Nehlen's West Virginia Mountaineers, passed on him and he ended up playing two years with Chad Pennington and Marshall.

Since then he has been accused of being an individual in a team sport, putting himself first, often holding back on giving full effort. But those are on the field and in the locker room issues. Off the field, he has been giving back. For the past few years, he has run smoothie stores in Charleston, often extending employment offers to troubled kids. Moss often tells reporters that when he wants to kick back and relax, he goes back to his hometown of Rand.

Last week, Moss traveled to Salem to meet the children incarcerated there. Often times we forget about these kids who come from some pretty rough places and have done some pretty bad things. Moss didn't forget. He spoke to every child there, including those in the maximum security wing. He talked about his misdeeds and how you rise above them.

We're quick to condemn when they screw up. But let's remember to praise when they give back to their communities and their state.

Thank you Randy Moss. Well done.

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