Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Earl Ray Tomblin, the Gray Acting Governor

In the 1800s, they had a phrase that described figures like Tomblin. It was repeated about several different figures who held governorships in different states. The phrase was "gray governor." In other words, they had experience, but not vision and stability without energy. They did not inspire, but didn't raise expectations either.

Tomblin's main asset seems to be the general consensus that he will not rock the boat or try to do too much. If West Virginia were riding high and doing well, I'd be the first to support a candidate whose primary purpose seemed to be to stay the course. The problem is that our ship of state is going nowhere. We are in the Sargasso Sea of economic development and have been for over eighty years. Joe Manchin was the best that the Democrats produced in that span and even he could not help to create conditions that would result in a growth of varied economic sectors. He, like Tomblin, was one of a series of career politicians who only know the political way to do anything.

Bill Maloney is a job creator. Like Congressman David McKinley, he brings successful business sense to the table. Maloney has a vitality and an energy that we need in the Governor's Mansion. What he lacks in political experience, he more than makes up in economic. He's no career politico or community organizer. Maloney creates jobs.

And that is what we need, first and foremost, in West Virginia

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