Thursday, April 14, 2011

Savyla Yoder and Sally Burnside

Keyser lost two wonderful individuals in the past week who worked very hard to better their community in different ways. Both died tragically as a result of automobile accidents.

I only met Sally Burnside, the former city councilwoman, a few times. She always struck me as a woman who cared very much and worked very hard for the people of Keyser. Sally believed that her city had a bright future and did what she could in and out of the council chamber to advance it. Any time that I ever had a concern, Sally was always available to answer questions and try to help. And she was not done, either. She told me when she retired that she intended to stay connected with Republican politics and continue to work for the betterment of the area. Her experience and enthusiasm will be sorely missed.

You might not have known Savyla. She was a wonderful Keyser High School senior who was a friend of my daughter and her boyfriend. Even though Savyla was only in high school, she earnestly believed that her efforts could help make her community a better place. She worked hard to help build up Christian youth groups, organize trips to events, and assist local pastors in spreading the Gospel. If the dictionary had a picture of "Good Christian," it would be Savyla. She believed with her full heart that Jesus Christ had the answers to the questions that afflicted this area. Her funeral at First Baptist was the first event, so its preacher said, that had ever filled up that church. Keyser lost two of its best in the past week. Their families need everyone's prayers.

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