Friday, March 25, 2011

Rule of Law and Obamacare

Rule of law is the necessary basis of any free society. It holds that the law must be above all individuals in the society, even the leadership, that it must be clear, and that it must be enforced equally for all.

Just because a country has enforced laws does not mean that it enjoys rule of law. Sometimes the law gets too complex for the average citizen to obey. When that happens, then the citizen does not enjoy protection of rule of law because he or she unwittingly may violate it while acting reasonably. The federal tax code and many local zoning ordinances violate the concept of rule of law. These laws (and many others) are not clear and reasonable, so they should be simplified.

Selective enforcement of laws also violates the rule of law. If it is a good law, then there is no need to exempt anyone from its enforcement. Massive exemptions to the enforcement of a particular law demonstrate that the law is a bad one and should be repealed. Even more importantly, it also violates the concept of rule of law in a most basic and sinister way. When those in power can exempt their friends and supporters from following a burdensome law while forcing its obedience upon others, government has embraced a certain level of tyranny. Theodore Roosevelt did this with the Sherman Anti-Trust act over a hundred years ago. Obama is doing it now with myriad waivers from Obamacare granted to unions, friendly businesses, and even entire states that he might swing to his camp in 2012.

This is a gross violation of the most sacred foundation of our free society and recognition that his beloved health care law is garbage. Repeal both Obamacare and Obama by 2012.

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