Thursday, February 24, 2011

More Americans Murdered By Somali Pirates

At some point we have to ask ourselves "should we really allow this to keep happening?"

Somali pirates seized a yacht with four American passengers aboard last week. For whatever reason, they decided to kill rather than hold for ransom. Certainly it is foolish to wander into the western Indian Ocean these days, but they did not deserve to die.

Piracy is an old adversary of the United States Navy. In the early 1800s the United States battled and defeated the Barbary Pirates when the rest of the international community had little stomach for the fight. American vessels closely blockaded the port cities and strangled the states supporting the pirate /terrorists. The threat finally ended in 1816.

The Somalis have little more than the Barbary Pirates had then, outside of mechanization. No air power, no satellites, not much at all. They are winning because the civilized world will not deal with them on their terms. Pirates have been caught, released, and caught again. We have to ask why.

Why are we not conducting search and destroy missions? Death will take the starch out of their collars. These are not radical fundamentalists, but guys wanting to steal. Make it clear that piracy means death and they will be less eager to do it.

Why are merchant ships not armed? Mounted .50 calibre machine guns would do the trick. There is nothing more discouraging to a criminal than a lack of easy, vulnerable targets. It's why states with lax gun ownership laws tend to have less crime.

The fact that we still are dealing with this issue is ridiculous. Sink the mother ships. Strand the motorboats. Kill a bunch of them and this will stop. I guarantee it.

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