Friday, February 11, 2011

Feral Pigs and Such

On Tuesday, Fox News ran a story about the growing menace of feral pigs. Farmers complained about the destruction to crops. Suburbanites are upset about their lawns. The United States Department of Agriculture and state governments are concerned as well. The population of feral pigs around the country is approaching 4 million, according to expert estimates. So it's pretty obvious what ought to be done. Michigan has a new policy that allows anyone with a hunting license to shoot them at any time since they breed so quickly and in such large humbers.

Fox had to dig up the animal rights expert, though. He protested the "persecution of pigs" and suggested that someone go out and neuter them instead of hunting them. This was his best, serious suggestion.

This is animal rights at its worst. Armchair thinkers who have never been around an animal larger than a golden retriever or more dangerous than a kitten. Imagine trying to actually catch a pig in a sty to neuter it. Now imagine doing it to a feral pig in the woods. How dangerous is that? How much does it cost? The armchair left isn't interested.

What is amazing is that this very same group likely supports free range chickens as opposed to those cooped up. Wouldn't these be "free range pigs?" Wouldn't it be better to get your pork from wild hogs than those kept on a farm, from an animal rights point of view?

Just a typical statement made without thought by the animal rights movement.

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