Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Michael Vick As NFL MVP?

It's a looming issue for the National Football League. Tom Brady is having a typically wonderful year and his New England Patriots seem to have returned to their machine like precision, mauling every team in their path.

The NFL would love to have Brady win the Most Valuable Player award this year. But that may not happen.

Enter Michael Vick.

His very return to football after serving prison time on severe dog abuse charges was in debate. Most figured that the out of shape former Atlanta Falcon would sit the bench for a good team or start for a bad team. After all, he was a potentially exciting, yet mediocre quarterback in his first stint. What would be the difference this time?

He signed with the Philadelphia Eagles and made promises of commitment to coach Andy Reid. Vick's new approach to work and preparation has given a picture of what could have been a Hall of Fame career had he not wandered off the legitimate path and engaged in dog fighting. He now does the right things, says the right things, and makes you want to believe.

But there's still the heinous nature of his crimes. Vick didn't just get into a bar fight or end up at the wrong place at the wrong time. He caused dogs to suffer purposefully.

This begs the question, can the NFL honor a man with such a heinous crime in his past? Or is complete redemption possible?

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  1. There is absolutely no way that Vick should be even considered for anything except more prison time. He should never be forgiven for his "heinous" crimes. He should be back in prison right now because he did, in fact, break his probation by leaving the area and going to another state to celebrate his birthday AT A BAR no less thus breaking his probation again, not to mention the fact that he was celebrating with some of his "buddies" who were also involved with his dog fighting activities. Would you not think that he would have been at home celebrating his birthday quietly with his wife and kids? Guess he really do not think much about them -- maybe he just does not think at all, which is pretty obvious by his own actions. Therefore, to even consider that asshole for any kind of award is inconceivable and contemptible. I hope millions of sports fans will voice their opposition to Vick. BTW, he is also in the running for the first team all-pro game quarterback which is not only contemptible it is just down right despicable. VICK SHOULD BE IN PRISON!!!!!!!!!!!!!