Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Thank You Keyser Police Department!

Thank you very much, Keyser Police Department. Last week a six month investigation came to fruition. Officers rammed their way into a home on lower D Street and found large amounts of cash and different kinds of drugs. They arrested individuals from Keyser, New York City, and elsewhere.

One reason for concern here is that the lower end of D Street is one that it's usually pretty difficult to drive through. It's one of those Meccas in town where young kids congregate and play. Of course these are kids whose parents keep an eagle eye on them regardless of what they are doing. However it has to be disconcerting to all the parents of children in the neighborhood that this was found in their midst.

I cannot fathom the foolishness of the drug dealers, though. Let's say you have drug money to rent or otherwise obtain a home. Why on earth do you put your crackhouse in a place that is within a quarter mile of the residences of several police officers, including the chief herself? Do you think that these people driving home from work or chatting with their neighbors are not going to see or hear something about you?

I'm not going to be overwhelmingly worried. My kid is one of the ones that is down that way every so often. I realize that parents are always keeping an ear to the street, that the kids are good and well behaved, and that the dealers want to keep a very low profile. However I am thankful that Keyser has a police department that is on the ball. Hopefully this bust sends a message that this sort of enterprise will not be tolerated in this town.

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