Thursday, December 31, 2009

Will This Plot Help to Get Obama's Mind Right?,2933,581370,00.html

The above story came from the London Times by way of Fox News. Yemen claims it is overwhelmed with Islamic fundamentalist terror suspects and that it does not have the capability to counter them. Warnings have also emerged that this weeks terror attempt was not the only plot.
The media jumped on Republican criticisms of Obama's handling of this issue in wake of the foiled terror plot. However, Al Quaida's new aggressiveness demonstrates the fact that weakness invited this attempt. They knew that President Bush or a Republican successor would not hesitate to respond with all deliberate force to a terror attempt. Obama's victory last November and subsequent apology tour bore the fruit of an attempt to murder as many innocent Americans as possible.
Obama's conciliatory approach to Islamofascism needs to end. His apologies for America seeking to expand freedom to all peoples must end. Otherwise we are in for more, not less danger. Weakness will invite a war that shall never end. Firmness and resolve will destroy our enemies.
While Democrats debate the destruction of our economy, terrorists have been plotting again to harm us. We must hit back hard.

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