Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Another Sign of Things to Come in 2010

Representative Parker Griffith of Alabama's 5th Congressional district announced yesterday that he will switch his registration to Republican as the country moves into its off election year.
In terms of legislation this affects voting in no way at all because Griffith voted a conservative line on most important issues. This does provide the GOP a psychological boost heading into one of its most important election years in recent memory. Griffith expressed his frustration with left wing Democratic ideals last fall to Tea Party activists and in town hall meetings.
Like many other Democrats who rode the anti GOP wave into office in 2006 and 2008, Griffith found himself in step with a majority Republican constituency, but increasingly opposed to the Pelosi led lurch to the left. Republican voting states found themselves denied their proportionate share of the so-called stimulus package, so Griffith had no tangible reason to remain with the Democratic Party either. His voters did not share Democratic beliefs, nor did they benefit by his association with them.
Voters in other areas that have elected Democrats for years find themselves under attack by the federal government and Congress. The West Virginia First and Third districts have congressional incumbents currently rolling over for Pelosi. Since they will not represent their constituents, it is time that the constituents elect someone who will represent them.

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