Friday, November 20, 2009

Republicans Stand Up For Taxpayers : Democrats Stand Up For Tax-Hikes

Republican Delegates Block Democrat Speaker Thompson's Attempt to Ram Through 15 Million Dollar Tax Increase on Working West Virginians

Yesterday evening Republicans in the House of Delegates successfully used a parliamentary maneuver to fend off, for at least one more day, a proposed Democrat gas-tax bill that if passed will cost West Virginians more than 15 million dollars over the next decade.

"They may call the gas tax bill a stabilization bill, but we know a tax-hike when we see a tax-hike," said WVGOP Executive Director Troy Berman. "Any bill which proposes to steal out of the pockets of everyday West Virginians and deliver the proceeds to Charleston is a bad bill."

The Democrats proposal would make permanent a 20.5 cents per gallon tax on gasoline, prevent the tax from dropping 2 cents this year and also prevent the tax from dropping by 5 cents as it is supposed to in 2013.

"We should be cutting wasteful spending, lowering taxes and encouraging business investment in our state," said Berman. "Instead the Democrat majority's one and only default position seems to be to tax and keep on taxing until West Virginians have nothing left. Well, it's working. Is it any wonder that West Virginia is last among our neighbors in jobs, opportunity, education and health? In fact the only metrics in which we seem to be excelling as a state are unemployment and the invention of new taxes."

"Democrats are playing politics with peoples livelihoods," said WVGOP Chairman Doug McKinney. "West Virginians need to drive to get to work, to pick up our kids from school and to buy groceries. This is not some luxury tax. This is a stab at the heart of every working West Virginian. Though I should say every West Virginian left with a job after the failure of the Democrats' economic policies. The very next thing you know they'll be attempting to tax the air."Bookmark and Share

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