Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Biggest Threat to Our Constitutional Rights

Credit Don Surber for bringing this to our attention.

Let's do some math.

Take the Department of Homeland Security listing tea partyists, NRA members, veterans, etc as potential terrorists.

Add it to a current proposal by Democratic Senator Frank Lautenburg to outlaw gun ownership for anyone on the TSA's no fly list.

What do you get?

A system by which the federal government could outlaw gun ownership to anyone that could not prove their innocence to a liberal bureaucrat.

It is interesting that liberals are so concerned about the rights of those captured on the battlefield, while they seek to void the Constitution for law abiding American citizens.

"Liberalism" is supposed to be based upon the same root as "liberty." All liberals seek to do is tax your wealth, infringe upon your rights, and augment their power.

These people seek to not only roll back the Reagan Revolution, but to also redefine the ideals, values, and very freedoms of this nation. I teach my students that rights are given by God, not a list of things the government lets you do. These people never took that class. At the end of the day, if we let them, we will end up with all the freedoms of North Korea along with the prosperity of that ill starred land.

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