Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Only Al Quaida Could Have Done It

Al Quaida's number two leader Al Zawahiri did something that will help Obama considerably in this country. Shoot, it even got me thinking angry thoughts on his behalf.

Al Zawahiri attacked Barack Obama in a very personal and demeaning way. He used an Arabic term to describe Obama, Rice, and Powell as what the world media has translated as "house negroes." Do not think that the media can fool Americans. We know exactly what word they meant to say and it was not "negro."

I do not like Barack Obama as my president, but at the end of the day he will soon be President of the United States. He is an American. No terrorist is allowed to say anything like that about this country's president and secretaries of state without understanding that this nation will rise in outrage.

The problem that Al Quaida faces is that a country that they have derided as being anti-Middle East and anti-Muslim has just elected a president with ties to both cultures. It undercuts all of their propaganda. They almost have to lash out in this manner to try and regain the psychological initiative.

I'll say again, Obama's ideas are destructive to our diplomacy and our economy. However, he is an American. Any terrorist who insults him in such a fashion insults me and 300 million others. I don't think they understand how much anger that kind of statement can create, or how much it will unify Americans once again to destroy their brand of hate.

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  1. Hopefully he will send the Reverend Jackson over there to cool the racial flames stirred by Obama's Islamic brothers.