Friday, October 3, 2008


The word "selfish" carries a lot of negative baggage. Like "racist" it has a connotation that no one wants associated with them. Therefore people use it to sling mud at those who have otherwise defensible and logical opinions.

But what does selfish mean? It means that an individual has chosen to serve his own choices. The connotation implies that those choices are made to the detriment of others. Liberals love to toss this word around a lot. Those individuals who worked hard to provide for their families, their businesses, or maybe just themselves are called selfish (and most recently unpatriotic) if they do not want to pay higher taxes to fund useless projects or have their wealth redistributed to people that did not earn it.

Freedom means that each one of us has the right to choose. We can earn money, spend money, eat, drink, worship God, sit around and do nothing, take a trip, have sex, collect guns and do a million other things just because we want to, so long as we do not infringe upon someone else's rights in the process. Society can label our behaviors what it wants because of the First Amendment. Being called selfish doesn't hurt so long as individuals retain that basic right to choose. They can say what they want as long as they do not keep us from choosing to do as we please.

The Obama campaign has made it clear that they want to launch a war on what they consider selfishness. And they reserve the right to define that term. Joe Biden called paying higher taxes "patriotic" when the Founding Fathers thought otherwise. They will bring back the death tax which will steal 50% of each person's inheritance. Woe be unto the family business or farm that does not prepare early for sudden death, or all will be lost to Big Government. If he gets his way, Obama will legally steal the benefits of people's hard work and financial discipline through higher capital gains taxes.

The government should not take anything more than it needs to operate. Redistribution of wealth through taxes is theft. It is our right to keep what is ours and do with it what we see fit. Keep Obama's hands out of our wallets and pocketbooks. Vote for John McCain.

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