Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's Only An Issue When I Say It Is!

All you need to know about the Manchin Administration came in his dismissal of the degree issue. After Russ Weeks clarified his opposition to cronyism in the gubernatorial debate, Manchin blasted Weeks. The governor asserted that West Virginia faced many other important issues that he preferred to discuss. He also claimed that he wished he could have called some of the plays run by the Mountaineers last Saturday, an interesting statement since WVU defeated a major rival by eleven points while playing an injured second string quarterback.

Four years ago, Monty Warner ran against Joe Manchin using an imaginative ploy. Warner created a campaign based upon the slogan "Status Quo Joe." In reality no one at the time had any idea what a Manchin Administration would look like. However, most Democratic governorships look pretty similar. Cronyism, small changes instead of real reform, and the perpetuation of Democratic rule without regard to the needs of West Virginians have dominated the Ruling Party's agenda for seventy-five years.

The degree scandal encapsulates all of the problems our state faces. A great institution gets embarassed by the culture of corruption that permeates every fiber of state government. Governor Manchin wants to avoid and minimize this issue because he cannot answer the questions about how and why this happened. The very fact that most West Virginians could not bring themselves to register surprise tells anyone how long the state has dealt with such problems. Until we address each and every instance of corruption as important, we will continue to not be surprised by "shocking" revelations and we will continue to not reach our potential as a state.

To move the state forward, we need Russ Weeks as governor.

Debate Coverage between Manchin and Weeks

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