Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Why Not Mo-Joe instead of Boring Joe?

When Obama selected Joe Biden last week as his running mate, it caught some folks off guard. Tim Kaine was assumed by many to be the front runner, a moderate Democrat from a prosperous swing state. Maybe he decided this was not the right year to go national, maybe Obama decided against him.

Joe Biden is solid in experience, but otherwise an odd selection. The podium beneath him has more natural charisma and name recognition. He comes from a state likely to support Obama anyway and will not help the Democratic nominee score points with conservatives.

Was another Joe at one time in consideration? Certainly Manchin has charisma and conservative credentials. He comes from a small state likely to go McCain, but Manchin has influence among voters. One must wonder if the recent WVU scandals eliminated Joe Manchin from the list of possibilities. Other than that, he would seem to have been a better choice than Biden in many ways. Then again Manchin also may have declined to become first officer on this sinking ship.

The Democratic Party is looking at a significant, if not a landslide loss this year. Obama's ties to domestic terrorism will shock the public when they become widely known. William Ayers is the Left's version of Timothy McVeigh, he just did not succeed in his most ambitious plans.


Once again the media has opened a flurry of under the bus tossing. Obama has thrown a lot of folks under the bus lately as the wheels fall off his bid for power. This phrase likely refers to the statement often made bythe Bolsheviks that a just society would happen when the child of a factory worker could throw the child of a doctor under a bus and most would approve.

Pretty typical.

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