Monday, September 8, 2008

No News Is Good News in the Sunday Gazette Mail

Last Sunday I was near Charleston, so I got to read that wonderful old piece of objective, just the facts ma'am journalism, the Sunday Gazette Mail. After all, the selection of Governor Palin made a huge splash in the cable news media and elsewhere. I was fascinated with their take on her selection.

Their take was . . . nothing. No mention of her whatsoever. It was as if a journalistic black hole opened up, she fell in, and news of her was replaced by the Cheshire cat grin on the face of Barack Obama's destiny. Instead of commentary on the latest news, the Gazette served up the same old tripe.

Sometimes a paper says quite a bit when it chooses to say nothing at all. Multiple columns commented on Obama's destiny and place in history. Phil Kabler took a pause from his lifelong pursuit of Vic Sprouse to wistfully wonder what might have been if Gore had spent more time in West Virginia in 2000, his theory being that more exposure to the anti-gun, anti-coal, pro-abortion Gore might have somehow convinced West Virginians to vote for him.

Yup, cover those ears, close those eyes, ignore the obvious. Barack Obama is about to fall into the dustbin of history.

I hate to see the daughter of Governor Palin going through this crap. I am speaking as a father right now. Many Democrats think they have some kind of gotcha issue against the Governor and her family. Like they did with Vice President Cheney's daughter in 2004, they are willing to smear the families of candidates to score a point. A seventeen year old ought to remain out of bounds. Many Democrats see a pregnant teenage girl as the antithesis of family values ideals. Family values does not mean you have a perfect family that never encounters challenges. It means that families stick together and help each other out, just like Governor Palin and millions of others. Americans can understand that, even if the liberal media and Democratic strategists cannot.

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