Thursday, August 7, 2008


West Virginia Congressman Nick Joe Rahall spent some time on the political hot seat recently, getting a good "grilling" series of questions from President George W. Bush about energy policy. The two spent quite some time together, but Rahall came away saying the president was "realistic" about the fact that a Democrat controlled Congress will not lift a finger to help America bring down the cost of energy.

Who is more realistic here? House Republicans stayed in session as House Democrats went on vacation. Republicans, including Shelley Moore Capito, remained in Washington to hammer home the point that Americans want action now. Our prosperity has traditionally come from inexpensive transportation. has predictably protested the GOP determination to continue the debate in the absence of their opponents. Certainly images of this will end up on commercials this fall. Amazingly, Nancy Pelosi has taken a hard stance on the issue while encouraging House Democrats to show independence by publicly disagreeing with her. To Republicans energy is serious business. To Democrats it is yet another political game.

The Republican Party continues to show the American people its commitment to helping boost the economy (which by the way never went into recession as predicted) while bringing down the high cost of energy. Democrats continue to put the unlikely potential of environmental problems ahead of the real world trouble faced by Americans daily.

Nick Casey, chair of the West Virginia Democratic Party, must not be aware of his own party's reluctance to do anything. He criticized Senator John McCain's visit to the Marshall University football team, saying he should talk energy prices instead of football. Casey should explain that to House Democrats who refuse to move on energy and would rather go on vacation than even talk about the issue.

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