Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The People Behind the Scenes Often Make the Difference

Politics, like almost anything else, usually reveals only a small percentage of its actual workings. Television, print, and electronic media show the candidates as they go from here to there, meeting and greeting. Most people do not understand how it takes a physical and financial toll on most candidates to interact with the people and find out what they want and need from their officials.

No one ever sees the hard working and dedicated souls that work behind the scenes to make all this possible. Few politicians have the time or the skill to organize large scale campaigns. They often have to travel to several events in the same day and remember which people are at what place. If a candidate is lucky, they have someone carefully scanning the media, finding out when events are, and making schedules for them. Also most candidates need money. Most in our state live on the same middle class salaries as many of the rest of us and need help from the people. Many would be amazed at how important each candidate considers every donation even and sometimes especially the $10 and $20 ones. Once, Governor Arch Moore received a small donation from an elderly woman that he knew lived on a low fixed income. He tried to return it to her but was met with refusal. She wanted everyone to know that she supported him. Candidates strongly appreciate every bit of support they get.

If candidates are fortunate, they have dedicated volunteers arranging fundraisers for them. One of the best in our region at mastering the fine art of scheduling and fund raising is Christy Barnett of New Creek. In her third year of political work, she has made a tremendous impact in local and state races and has become indispensable to many Republican office seekers. She is also one of the district delegates to the State Republican Executive Committee.

Another important person worth mentioning is Tommy Phillips, President of the Harrison County Republican Club. He tirelessly labors at making the state GOP website one of the most effective and efficient political site in the country while constantly keeping it up to date. Under his control, it has grown into one of the top sources for news and events in the state party. Phillips also manages events for his club and assists the party directly in a variety of capacities. Phillips is definitely part of the glue that holds the West Virginia GOP organization together.

These behind the scenes warriors get little credit, but deserve many accolades. Thanks to all of them who sacrifice their time and energy to bring the Republican Party success in West Virginia.


Home sales rose 5.3% nationally in the last report issued. With the nation still in a growth phase, home sales showing signs of life, and gasoline prices starting to drop, it will be interesting to see what the main issues will be in two months should these trends continue.

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