Tuesday, August 26, 2008

China possibly cheating...No way

I love the investigations from The Fourth Medal on Yahoo! investigating the untold stories at the Olympics. The Chinese gymnast who is underage, the digitally enhanced fireworks during the opening ceremonies, the girl who lip-synced during the opening ceremonies because she was prettier than the girl with the great voice, Chinese gymnasts falling during their event and still winning a medal over an American with a nearly perfect vault, and more.

But, is anyone really surprised that the Chinese would cheat? This is the country that makes children's toys out of lead paint and breaks our patents and copyrights. Want to buy a movie before it premiers in theatres...the Chinese can help. Why would it be a stretch to win at all costs in the Olympics? Sure they have a great medal count, but how many of those medals are in straight forward competitions. Take out the judging which is subject to human error and influence, where do they stand in pure one on one competitions? Not too great at that point. Of course, the judgement sports have always been subject to speculation

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