Monday, July 7, 2008

Who's Next On Their Hit List, Sergeant York?

Much to Barrack Obama's chagrin, the looney left wingers that he has depended upon for support just cannot keep quiet. With friends like these, he needs no enemies.

An avalanche of criticism from the anti-American extreme Left has been launched against the war record of John McCain. Yes, John McCain. A former prisoner of war, tortured until he was permanently injured, a man that elected to stay in captivity so as not to embarass his country, his service, and his family. Yes, that John McCain.

It started not long ago. Our very own US Senator Jay Rockefeller questioned the morality of John McCain launching munitions that might have killed civilians. Of course the US did not use the types of weapons he described at the time. Additionally American forces were much more selective about their targets in Vietnam than the Allies in World War II. Not to mention the fact that airmen drop bombs where they are told.

Since then lefties have criticized McCain for making a video in captivity that included statements supporting North Vietnam. One accused McCain of disloyalty. Outrageous! How can anyone criticize the actions of John McCain while in captivity unless they walked a mile in those shoes? The North Vietnamese relentlessly beat this man physically and mentally. He had no idea whether or not he would survive. Most of the extreme Left consider ten minutes in Wal Mart as excruciating torture. God forbid they walk into a place where people watch Fox News. Oh the humanity! Sure, sit there on your easy chair banging out a blog on your computer in your comfortable house, passing judgment on a righteous man living in hell.

The most sinister criticisms thinly veil a condemnation of any US involvement in war. McCain gets accused by these crazies of being a "war criminal." Their explanations reveal that they see any US war as being criminal because they use the term so broadly. It galls them that a man who endured so much torment during the war could possibly support President Bush in our current situation.

I suppose the US ought to simply allow the Hitlers and Husseins of the world to continue pushing their horror onto the people who find themselves in terror's hands. Maybe the US should turn its back on its friends, like so many Monday morning quarterbacks advocated during and after the Vietnam War. They forget that the US had an ironclad guarantee of support for South Vietnam. We had as much treaty commitment to them as to Britain or any other NATO nation at the time.

Many of those that oppose the war do so out of a difference of opinion, but retain their respect for the military and the government. America is all about expressing differences, but at the end of the day good citizens must all support the men and women that sacrifice to defend us. However, others are much more malevolent. So many of them hate America and have contempt for Americans. The excrement they spew befouls a body politic generally unaccustomed to hearing from those that hate our entire system and society.

Whether or not you agree with him or vote for him, it cannot be denied that the man sacrificed for his nation and deserves the highest respect for it. John McCain is a hero. Period.

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